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Looking For Cheap Rental Properties in Richmond, VA or The Surrounding Counties of Henrico, Hanover, and Chesterfield?

If that’s the case then you need to see our selection of the best deals on rental properties and potential fixer uppers in the Richmond area.  Whether you are a big time landlord or just starting out, we can jumpstart your portfolio with the instant equity and cashflow that come with our discounted properties.

No Agents Needed

Perhaps the best part of all this is that there is no need for dealing with agents.  At MLS-less, we only deal with simple cash transactions and seller financed deals, no need to rely on the banks.  That said, you don’t have to pay the 3-6% commission fee that is associated with real estate agents.

Time is of The Essence

With us, you are dealing with extremely motivated sellers, which is why we are able to present you with the best deals on rentals and handyman properties in the Richmond area.  But, with our steep discounts, you must be able to close quickly and pay in cash or put down a large down payment on the property.

Cheap Rental Properties in Richmond, VA
Cheap Rental Properties in Richmond, VA

For Landlords

We run each of our deals through an elite deal analysis software in order to put together presentations that show you everything you will want to know when analyzing a deal, from the cashflow summary to the property management fees.

For Rehabbers

We also run our fixer upper deals through the same software and compose a similar presentation to show you the information that you need to know, from the repair estimate to the projected sale value.

No More MLS

If you’re like any of the other investors I know, you are sick of fighting over deals on the MLS.  With MLS-less, you gain access to a new market that is only for investors, so you don’t have to worry about competing with owner occupants who will drive the price up.  So sign up now and take a look at the cheap rental properties and discounted fixer uppers that we have in our inventory now.

Don’t See Anything You Like?

Let us know what kind of deals that you do like and which areas you prefer to buy in and we will go out of way to find you a discounted property that you will love!